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Smart Benefit Individual Medical

Smart Benefit Individual Medical Plans allow the customer to have direct control over their personal insurance plan.  Health Benefits will help you tailor these plans to suit your individual needs, allowing you to develop an intelligent and effective plan for your health.

  • Pay for smaller, routine expenses with the money you save from reduced insurance premiums. Some of these savings can be set aside in a tax favored care account.
  • Insurance coverage from financially sound companies to cover the risk of expenses over which you seldom have no control.
  • Select the doctor you prefer to see.
  • You receive the discounts for products and services negotiated by the insurance companies.
  • You pay the lowest premium possible for protection against the risk of a high cost illness or injury.


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Just because your town is not listed, that does not mean we do not serve you area.  Feel free to call us (207) 223-1233 or Contact Us by e-mail.

Medicare Annual Enrollment Commercial

I want to thank you for your detailed information that you gave us when we started with Anthem last year. It it were not for the time you spent with us and your extensive knowledge of the insurance issues, I would not have the background to ask the pertinent questions I've been asking now that we are in Arizona.
Robin Brook