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Are You a Large or Small Employer?

In 2013 did you have more than 50 Full Time Equivalent Employees ?

YES - then you are a LARGE Employer

NO - then you are a SMALL Employer

Not Sure ?
See chart below.


How many employees worked 130+ hours per month last year


This is the number of Full Time Employees


Calculate the total number of hours worked by Part Time Employees in a month last year.


For this calculation 120 hours per month is the maximum per employee.


Divide by 120 =


This is the number of Full Time Equivalent Employees





Did you have Seasonal Employees ?

If YES, recalculate to include these employees in your calculation above.


If this changes your classification, please meet with your insurance broker to learn more.



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Health Insurance Cost and Savings Calculator

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I have relied on Maureen Hedges to help our small business set up a health insurance plan for our employees. She is knowledgeable, professional and is always willing to answer any questions that I or my employees have.
Lynn Kelley
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