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Affordable Care Act

Are you ready for the new health insurance plans .... Health Benefits is, and we’re to help individuals and small employers understand:

  • Employer responsibilities.
  • Individual options.
  • Does your current plan meet the “VALUE” standards ?
  • Who is eligible to apply for a tax credit to pay for part of their insurance premiums ?
  • Should a “small” business continue to offer health insurance to all employees AND their eligible dependents?
  • How do the new premium calculations work ?
  • How much will my premiums be reduced ?
  • Which metal plan [gold/silver/bronze] best fits my personal and family needs ?
  • What are my options if I do not qualify for a tax credit ?

Although our site provides you with direct links to both Anthem and Maine Community Health Options, Health Benefits is here to assist you.



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Health Insurance Cost and Savings Calculator

We proudly serve companies in the following areas and beyond:

Just because your town is not listed, that does not mean we do not serve you area.  Feel free to call us (207) 223-1233 or Contact Us by e-mail.

Medicare Annual Enrollment Commercial

I want to thank you for your detailed information that you gave us when we started with Anthem last year. It it were not for the time you spent with us and your extensive knowledge of the insurance issues, I would not have the background to ask the pertinent questions I've been asking now that we are in Arizona.
Robin Brook